"San Fransisco Bay Blues"


A "Sames Blues fest" le 20 octobre 2017

At "Sames Blues fest" on the 20 october 2017

"Two to Tango" avec "Kiki" Graciet


You and I are satelites, chasing after stars.

Trying to find each other, trying to find out who we are.

How we've grown to be alone, how we got this far.

Don't you know ? It takes two to Tango.

"Missing Mr Marley" avec "Kiki" Graciet


Un hommage à Bob Marley, cette chanson est un chef d'oevre de Colin Scot.

A tribute to Bob Marley, this song is a masterpiece written by Colin Scot.

"My Family Tree" avec "Kiki" Graciet


Un Encouragement aux militants écologistes qui grimpèrent et habitèrent dans les arbres d'une fôret au sud d'angleterre pour empêcher leur destruction.

An encouragement to "green" protesters who occupied a forest in the South of England to save the trees.